Like Dr Who’s Tardis, this shop is bigger on the inside than on the outside. Toby
Moy, who owns the business, comes from a family of antiques dealers – his
father Dick established it in 1954. It is one of the last remaining shops of its
kind in Greenwich, which was once filled with similar places. As it is not easy to
survive, Toby has divided the basement into 14 separate units and rented
them out to different artists and traders. The courtyard is by no means empty

Here you will find rusty fireplaces, Edwardian children’s beds and many other
things, including a skeleton pub sign – most likely the relic of a Goth bar. Toby
gets most of his stock from house clearances, something you get a sense of
walking through the different areas of the shop: the two porcelain dogs might
have stood on someone’s mantelpiece together with the 70s radio; a broken
doll was left on a broken chair next to a spinning wheel; a croquet set, a
collection of teapots looking like cottages, another collection of tins from the
1920s to the 1970s; a storm lantern, a horn, a set of scales, library stairs, a
captain’s uniform, a collection of Stilton jars, the inside of a telephone box, a
wash bowl and pitcher… basically anything and everything! Most of it may be
junk for you, but could be a great find for someone else.

You can spend hours here looking at things, going on and on because just
around the corner you are sure to discover something exciting! Stay long
enough and you may seriously start to consider buying a collection of rusty
saws or a beautiful pair of wooden crutches – but what will your family say
when you come home with all this stuff? Don’t panic: have a cup of tea! In the
back is a lovely tearoom with mismatched porcelain and brass samovar.
Feeling better now? Now you can see it’s definitely ok to buy the lovely blue
jug with the Paisley pattern!

The Junk Shop has also appeared on an episode of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.

Click Here to view this episode.

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Junk Shop & Spreadeagle Antiques shop.


Like Dr Who’s Tardis, our shop is much bigger on the inside. It has been divided in to 14 seperate units all including a wide variety of wonderful antiques.

Junk Shop & Spreadeagle Antiques shop.


We have a fantastic tea rooms at the back of the shop which is open everyday and also a lovely sunny courtyard to enjoy alfresco eating.



9 Greenwich South Street
London SE10 8NW